Lens-Artists Challenge ##126: An Alphabet Challenge– Letter A. My Submission

Hello Patti!

I stumbled across your challenge in the reader and was instantly inspired to participate. I love the letter concept!

My first picture is an Alleyway In Philadelphia, PA I just had to capture the beautiful red brick and urban vibe radiating off of this winter time scene.

My next submission is a picture of Abstract tree bark I came across while walking through the Medford Arboretum in Medford, Nj.

My last image I am submitting is when I was Awestruck in Montreal, Canada by this street performer and his bubbles.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #126: An Alphabet Challenge–Subjects That Begin with the Letter A.


  1. Greetings Mike, and welcome to our challenge! I lived in Philadelphia and also in its suburbs for many years and loved the area. Not much for cold weather though, my husband and I moved south some 20 years ago. I enjoyed your images which were a bit nostalgic for me 😊 so thank you for that! I especially loved the urban feel of the alleyway – well done!

    1. Hi Tina! Thank you so much! Yeah I tend to loathe the winter months since I’m not a fan of the cold haha It’s nice to meet a fellow tri-stater on here (even if you were smart and migrated LOL). I’m glad I could give you a trip down memory lane 😁 have a great holiday season!

  2. Welcome to the Lens Artists challenges, Mike! We’re delighted you joined us this week. I’m glad you included alleyways, abstract, and awestruck in your collection. Great choice!

      1. You’re very welcome, Mike. We post a challenge every Saturday at noon. You can see the leader for the next week at the bottom of the post. Hope you join us again!

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